Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 07/01/19



I am mad woman, I am wild woman
I am rage, I am truth, strength, beauty, ferociousness
I am the scars of being stomped on, shut down, beat down, beaten up and
Rising up from the bowels of the earth I am the knife in the night that aims
I am the little girl in the dark waiting for her power to be taken
The woman waiting to be robbed of herself, crying out for help, pleading for
her life
I am women all over the world screaming to be heard
I am mad woman, I am wild woman
I am every woman trying to rate her assault, forced to take responsibility
I am every woman afraid to walk alone, afraid to speak her truth
I am every woman silenced, raped
I am every woman who said no
I am every woman who sits in the dark, sleeps in the dark with one eye open
I am every woman terrified, taught to fear men, living in constant fight or
I am every woman dismissed, diminished
I am mad woman, I am wild woman
I am the woman saying no more, we are done
I am not your objectification, a smile on my face
I am not your tits, your ass, your cunt, your property
I am not a sacrifice for the patriarchy
I am not your victim
I am not your justification for boys will be boys
I am not too emotional, I am unleashed, I am rage unleashed
This rage is regurgitating your small minded thoughts and ownership, your
self-righteous greedy hands shoved down my throat and up my pants
I am not your blame, blame, blame
I am not your refusal to take responsibility
Your relentless defense of your fragile male ego
I am every woman broken, every woman refusing to be broken
I am every woman putting themselves back together and every woman not
giving up
I am every woman in the darkness who can’t see a way out
I am very woman trapped, every woman sold
I am every woman who crawled their way to the fucking light
I am the woman not cowering to your shame, your labels, your diminishing of
our light
I am liberation and I am not here to be your version of me
I am not here to be silent
I am the voice that bellows across the world, singing our truth, carrying our
fears and our stories
I am the heart that holds your hand, carries your song and knows your truth
I am mad woman, I am wild woman, and I am fed up
I am what you fear most, I AM the fucking revolution, the feminine rising
I am the woman who will be quiet no longer
I am the blaze melting these chains off our ankles, the fire burning your hands
that have held us down for too long
I am the Phoenix, being reborn
The fire rising to burn this fucker down
I am mad woman, I am wild woman, I am all women
And we are not a sacrifice for the patriarchy

©Rani Whitehead all rights reserved


Rani Whitehead is the founder and owner of Radiant Alchemy, a hub for “Liberating Your Magic”. As the sole practitioner of Radiant Alchemy, she combines her many life experiences through abuse, addiction and trauma with her skills as a Certified Intuitive Life and Spiritual coach, Reiki Healer, Empath, writer and photographer to create a magical portal for you to step compassionately into your deepest healing, allowing you to discover your most authentic self and liberate your magic. You can find Radiant Alchemy on Facebook & Instagram.

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