Cajun Mutt Press Featured Writer 03/24/21

Clock with No Hands

What year this be / can you tell me / the sun mirrors blood / I can’t find / my family
anywhere within/ this circumference / I stand / must have dozed off / for a minute
or two / has it been longer / is this a daydream / who rules the land / who rules
the sky / when no sun can shine / on me / no time / to tell / I’ll just brush the crust /
away from my eyes / step outside / if the air is safe / to inhale / do you know
the toxicity / those clouds / spit out / from long stacks / meant for energy / no
chance / you happen / to have a spare / mask / this time / makes it / hard / to breathe.

©2021 Tim Heerdink All rights reserved.

Tim Heerdink is the author of five poetry collections, The Human Remains, Red Flag and Other Poems, Razed Monuments, Ghost Map, Sailing the Edge of Time, I Hear a Siren’s Call, and the novel, Last Lights of a Dying Sun. Heerdink is president of the Midwest Writers Guild. His short stories, “The Tithing of Man” and “HEA-VEN2”, won first and second place in the guild’s annual anthology contests. He also has poems published in Poetry Quarterly, Fish Hook, Flying Island, Kissing Dynamite, Auroras & Blossoms, Tanka Journal, Landslide Lit, As It Ought To Be Magazine, Dumpster Fire, Alien Buddha, Madness Muse Press, and various anthologies. He graduated from USI with a BA in English and resides in Newburgh, Indiana with his wife, daughter, dog, and two cats.

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