Now Available From Cajun Mutt Press

Our latest release is live on Amazon, 9999 by R. Keith!

R. Keith offers up a mathematically masterminded collection of writes in 9999 in the form of short stories, prose, conversational poetry, numerical stanzas and sentences combined.

“If comedy allegedly comes in threes then R. Keith makes poetry come in nines. Working through a series of rules and restrictions, Keith crafts stories, dialogues, stanzas, and sentences which have meaning and get to the heart of the everyday in worthwhile and humorous ways. The experimental can be lively and vivid and that’s what Keith shows us in this collection.” – Kenning JP Garcia, author of OF (What Place Meant)

“9999 by R. Keith is creative storytelling at its finest. Grab yourself a Blue Lagoon, sit back and pick a few generic blues cords on an old guitar and then dive in. You’ll be glad that did!” – Wolf Kevin Martin, author of My Head Fits Through Your Noose: Let Me Swing Awhile 


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